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    Icon Vista Tiny 7 Rev01 Unattended Activated CD (x86) eXPerience

    ISO | CD | x86 (32Bits) | Basado en: Windows 7 Ultimate x86 build 6.1.7600.16385 RTM | Activado | Booteable | Idioma Nativo Inglés | LIP Español Incluido | Release: 12 Septiembre 2009


    Tiny 7 Unattended Activated, lleva la marca de eXPerience los que ya conocen sus trabajos anteriores en XP y Vista Tiny(Pequeños) se habran percatado que es bastante estable el y consume pocos recursos ideal para ordenadores antiguos.
    En sus estadisticas que incluye indica que el sistema en funcionamiento, los primeros 5 minutos mostro solo 145 MB de RAM usandose, en cuanto a la instalación dura aproximadamente 10 minutos, esto gracias a que es desatendido y no pedira serial tampoco activación, lo único que hay que instalar seria el LIP/MUI si queremos tenerlo en español. A continuación mas detalles en inglés.

    ISO File Size………………………… 699 Mb
    RAM Usage On First Installation………… 145 Mb (idle for 5 mins)
    Entire Installation Size………………. 2.46 Gb
    WINDOWS Folder Size…………………… 2.40 Gb
    Running Processes, total………………. 24
    Running Processes, Windows…………….. 22
    Install Time In VMware………………… 10 to 15 minutes*

    *The operating system takes 10 minutes to get to first logon, but on first logon the activation process takes a few minutes and in total it all adds up to about 15 minutes.

    General Windows components that are kept
    This installation still includes, but is not limited to:
    Aero Theme
    Fax Support
    Internet Explorer 8
    Modem Support
    Most Languages (only Chinese, Japanese and Korean are removed)
    Printer Support
    Smart Card Support
    Windows Sounds
    Windows Update

    (See the complete list below of what is kept in vLite)
    Included Features:
    eXPerience Desktop folder with vital essentials
    eXPerience Wallpaper
    Quick Launch enabler on desktop (Thanks to ntoskrnl)
    Dozens of tweaks to improve Windows
    Watermark “Test Mode” removed
    Windows is activated offline (Thanks to Hazar)

    Installed programs:
    DirectX 9c DLL Files (some standalone/ripped games might need these)
    Everything Search v1.2.1.371 (find files and folders without waiting)
    Flash v10.0.22.87 for IE (player for YouTube and Google Video etc)
    Foxit PDF Reader Pro v3.0.1301 (open PDF files from the web in IE)
    HashTab v2.1.1 (adds a tab on file properties to see file checksum)
    WinRAR v3.80 (compression tool to handle various archive formats)

    Fixes since the last version:
    All services are enabled.
    Folder renaming bug “This item no longer exists” is fixed.
    Wolfenstein 2009 compatibility fixed.
    GTAIV compatibility fixed.
    KMplayer compatibility fixed.
    Hibernation in Windows fixed.
    Devices and Printers opens properly.
    Safely Remove Devices is fixed.
    No migwiz.exe error if you run “Easy Transfer” which is removed.
    No msdt.exe errors (MS Diagnostic Tool, now kept)

    Nota Especial de eXPerience
    I have used this modded OS for a few days and it seems every bit as fast as Windows XP. If you have always wanted to use Vista, but were holding out for Windows 7 - its worth it! This slimmed edition boots up fast,shuts down fast, opens applications fast, even VMware v5.5 runs fast on it once its started up. File copying seems no slower than XP. All in all this new Windows really blows away XP because of all the new features. You have to remember XP is from 2001 when no one even had such a thing as “Wireless” or a SATA drive. Now all this new hardware runs on Windows XP but the OS was never designed to run it really.
    You might wonder why not just use Vista - don’t even go there. Lets just pretend Vista never existed. In fact Microsoft should have not ever released it but I guess they had to in order to improve on it and eventually get it right - with Windows 7.


    Contenido Oculto, debes [Solo usuarios registrados a DowntWarez.Com puede ver los links. ] para poder ver lo que hay dentro :)


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    Predeterminado Respuesta: Tiny 7 Rev01 Unattended Activated CD (x86) eXPerience

    capturas exijo capturas xd
    me perdi tras navegar por las redes del pensamiento

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    Predeterminado Respuesta: Tiny 7 Rev01 Unattended Activated CD (x86) eXPerience

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    capturas exijo capturas xd
    Las capturas están, pero no se porque no se ven rul!
    Voy a corregir eso

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    Predeterminado Respuesta: Tiny 7 Rev01 Unattended Activated CD (x86) eXPerience

    se ve interesante gracias



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