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    Enfocus PitStop Pro 11 Mutilanguage (Mac OSX)

    Enfocus PitStop Pro 11 Mutilanguage (Mac OSX)| 303 MB
    The world’s leading Adobe Acrobat plug-in for Smart PDF quality control and fixing last-minute problems in seconds. PitStop Pro 11 is the essential standard for creative, media, print and publishing professionals to preflight, edit and fix PDF files and makes last minute corrections quick and easy.

    What's new in PitStop Pro 11:

    PitStop Pro 11 introduces Smart Preflight & Correction – a flexible way of preflighting and correcting files to their specific production requirements.

    Until today, a Preflight Profile could only contain fixed checks and corrections e.g. the resolution of an image must be higher than 300 dpi or the page size should be A4. However, every job is different and comes with its specific order and production requirements.

    The current situation requires many different or very general Preflight Profiles that can be used for different types of jobs, but this results in less specific and accurate preflighting and corrections.

    Not anymore with PitStop Pro 11. Users no longer have to work with fixed values within a Preflight Profile, but can use preflight rules that can now depend on job and production specific information. Smart preflight unleashes the full potential of checking and correcting PDF files within the PitStop Preflight engine.

    PitStop Pro 11 introduces the concept of 'Variable Sets' – a group of variables to be used when preflighting or correcting PDF files. These variables are substituted at runtime with the right values for the job.

    Smart Preflight is more powerful by being specific and accurate for each job, resulting in higher quality PDFs. The new version of PitStop Pro enables you to maximize the technology you already own and know today by using it in a smarter way.

    Link Never Die (If links die, I Will reupload at here)
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    Re: Enfocus PitStop Pro 11 Mutilanguage (Mac OSX)
    cual es la clave para instalarlo? me pide un permiso

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