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    Predeterminado Topaz Labs Photoshop Plug-Ins for Adobe Photoshop 11 in 1

    Topaz Labs Photoshop Plug-Ins for Adobe Photoshop 11 in 1 | 264 MB

    Topaz Labs Photoshop Plug-Ins greatly extends the functionality of existing adjustments in Photoshop, give photographers a fast, efficient and absolute control over their creative vision. Topaz Labs Photoshop Plug-Ins are specially designed to enhance the creative tools the photographer, through the use of powerful technologies in the field of image changes. The package Topaz Photoshop Bundle includes 11 plug-ins: Topaz InFocus, Topaz Adjust, Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Simplify, Topaz Clean, Topaz DeJPEG, Topaz Detail, Topaz ReMask, Topaz Vivacity, Topaz Enhance, Topaz Moment

    Set of 11 plug-TOPAZ LABS for Adobe Photoshop (x32/x64)

    Topaz Labs LLC has released a new plugin for Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editors - Topaz InFocus. This plugin was created to help photographers, designers, amateurs do graphics. InFocus uses deconvolution (restoration) picture, about how to reverse the process blurred images, increasing the actual focus. InFocus may increase the clarity of the well focused image, as well as eliminate smearing defocused, blurred image.
    eJPEG 4.0.1 - plugin for Photoshop removes JPEG artifacts and enhances image clarity simultaneously. Known small squares and fuzziness arising JPEG compression and irritating many of us can be resolved by applying, JPEG power otTopaz Labs used a plugin for Photoshop. this means you can remove the squares and improve image clarity. They are very easy to use, it is acceptable to everyone, because the plugin uses advanced algorithms, always reaching the optimal result.

    DeNoise 5.0.1 uses advanced algorithms for adjusting parameters such as: color, detail, exposure, noise, blur, brightness, contrast, etc., will help to effectively achieve unique results in image processing, to create state-paintings from your photos with minimal loss of time and forces.
    Topaz DeNoise 4.1.0 - is one of the best noise reduction tool. It uses a new and powerful method of filtering noise on the basis of their own algorithms created from new technologies have emerged in recent years. Simply and effectively reduces noise in images without reducing the quality of parts.

    Usually very difficult to cure underexposed pictures from all the noise that appear in low light.
    In DeNoise applied a completely new approach to noise reduction, which is different from any other methods at present. The basic algorithm DeNoise 4 analyzes the entire image processing, and thus eliminates the noise while maintaining or even improving important image features - unlike other software, in which the blurred image details. Topaz DeNoise 4 also includes a very effective treatment for colored noise.

    Clean ™ 3.02 uses advanced algorithms for adjusting parameters such as: the radius of the filter, details, exposure, noise, blur, brightness, contrast, etc., effectively help to achieve unique results in image processing, to create state-paintings from your photos with minimal loss time and effort. Remove noise from RGB-images, and simultaneously increase the clarity of boundaries color transitions. Compatible with all versions of Adobe Photoshop, including CS5 32/64-bit.

    Topaz Clean unlike most modern methods of noise suppression, which are mainly based on the wavelet technique, uses his trademark unique method of filter Topaz Clean ™, which allows you to achieve excellent results without calibration chamber to create a "noise profile" or dig with a large number of parameters . The plugin comes with a built-in presets and lets you create and sozranyat own, lets you download them from the Internet, supports multi-core processors, which significantly increases processing speed. Compatible with virtually all versions of Adobe Photoshop, Elements, and many other graphic editors. Compatibility list will be at the end of the news.

    Contenido Oculto, debes [Solo usuarios registrados a DowntWarez.Com puede ver los links. ] para poder ver lo que hay dentro :)
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